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See Something. Say Something.

Protect Your Everyday By Partnering With Police

Hollywood Police Department


As residents, you know your neighborhood’s patterns, the people, and the daily routines. You are the eyes and ears of the community, the experts who can immediately recognize when something in your neighborhood does not seem quite right. Please do your part to report suspicious, out of the ordinary activity to the Hollywood Police Department.


"If you see something, say something" is the Department of Homeland security's national campaign to help engage residents throughout the U. S. in keeping their communities safe. Call the Hollywood Police Department non-emergency number at 954-764-HELP (4357) or in an emergency call 911 to report anything that seems unusual or suspicious. Driving Directions to Boulevard Community Center Email Peggy Eads to reserve your seat Call Peggy Eads to reserve your seat




Helping Souls Food Pantry



Seaweed Update from The City of Hollywood

Sunday, May 26th through July 2019


Seaweed inundates our shorelines on Hollywood Beach and along Florida coasts without warning. There is normally a spike in the summer, but this year it has started earlier than last year and in much larger quantities.


Actions Taken By The City


Since the beach had earlier received a rare off-season heavy deposit due to westerly winds in mid-March, the City contracted with Beach Raker Company to assist our Beach Maintenance staff with short term removal.

Current Situation

For the better part of this month, Public Works Beach Maintenance staff has been able to keep up with the daily seaweed deposits; however, over the past few days, we have become overwhelmed with seaweed along our shores.

We are again facing extreme seaweed conditions and Beach Raker will provide further assistance beginning on Sunday, May 26th through July 2019 . Meanwhile, Beach Maintenance crews are working overtime with the assistance of the Urban Forestry Division to remove seaweed from the shorelines this week and weekend.

Because this is also a holiday (Memorial Day) weekend, the Police Department will be assisting Public Works in preventing the public from entering into the beach cleaning and seaweed removal areas while the tractors are operating. Thanks to the Police Chief and his Department for their assistance. The city is also working closely with the State Sea Turtle Monitor.


Additional Information

Last year was the worst in our 25 year history for the volume of seaweed tonnages experienced onshore but the deposits that we have already received this year has been several times more than even last year!


In addition to the  short term contracts with Beach Raker, a long term contract is currently out for bid. This proactive approach will serve to prepare for seaweed inundation in the future as this may be  the new norm along the Florida coast. Cities up and down the coast  are now dealing with the same environmental issue.



Summer Fun Family Night

June 26, 2019 to August 6, 2019


Miller's Ale House & PAL Driving Directions to David Park Community Center in Hollywood, Florida City of Hollywood, Florida CLICK HERE to call the City of Hollywood Now!



Summer Feeding Program in the City of Hollywood

USDA Summer Feeding Program in the City of Hollywood


Breakfast, lunch and a snack are offered for free to all children ages 18 and under during the summer break as part of the USDA Summer Feeding Program. City of Hollywood Community Center meal locations are as follows:
Summer Feeding Program in the City of Hollywood
• David Park Community Center: June 10  - August 2 
• McNicol Community Center: June 6 – August 13
• Kay Gaither Community Center: June 5 – August 13
• Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center: June 10 – August 9 
• Washington Park Community Center: June 5 – August 13

Meal times vary depending upon the Community Center, please call them directly. The menu varies each day; a typical breakfast includes cereal, milk and fruit, muffins or bagels. Lunch typically is a sandwich, chips, fruit, dessert and drink but can also include a hot meal. The free meals/snacks are served on a first come, first served basis, no questions asked. The Summer Food Program is funded by a federal grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In addition to the Community Centers listed above, the USDA Summer Food Service Program is also offered at over 3,500 supervised locations through Florida. For additional program information and to find an additional location in Florida please visit: https://summerbreakspot.freshfromflorida.com/



HHCA General Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 18th @ 7:00 - 9:00 PM

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Hollywood Hills Civic Association MONTHLY MEETING
Wed., Sept. 18th @ 7-9 PM
David Park Community Park
108 N. 33rd Court, Hollywood

All Hollywood Residents and
Guests are Welcome!


All Hollywood residents and guests are welcome to attend the Hollywood Hills Civic Association meetings. If you live or own property bounded by Sheridan Street to Washington Street and 56th Avenue to Park Road you are eligible to be a member of the Hollywood Hills Civic Association.


You don't have to be a member to attend meetings.


We meet at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of every month at David Park Community Center 108 N 33rd Court, Hollywood. There's plenty of free parking.


Our City Commissioners are Traci Callari and Linda Sherwood. If you have questions about what's happening in Hollywood, this is your opportunity to get answers.


Septembers guest speakers will be a representative from the Broward County Humane Society, come and get the latest information about their 2 and 4 legged friends. A representative from Memorial Regional Hospital will provide us with an update on Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital expansion.


Tomas Hernandez, our Neighborhood Team Leader from the Hollywood Police Department and a representative from Code Compliance will provide us with updates to crime and code issues and concerns.


Coffee with light refreshments, provided by Offerdahl's Cafe/Grill of Hollywood, will be served.


Food provided by Alex Bruno RE/MAX 5 Star Realty


Everyone is Welcome. Come and Meet Your Neighbors.


Don't forget to BRING NON-PERISHABLE FOOD as we are collecting until November for the Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church Helping Souls Pantry.
Phone: (786) 405-9942
Questions, Comments & Concerns
Email: HollywoodHillsCivic@gmail.com


Hollywood Hills Civic Association
PO Box 81-6044
Hollywood, FL 33081-6044

Hollywood Hills Civic Assocation on Facebook

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National Safety Council Airbag Recall Repair Month


Check To Protect (Auto Recalls)The National Safety Council’s Check to Protect program highlights May as Airbag Recall Repair Month. During the month of May the Council is working to educate drivers and vehicle owners about critical airbag safety recalls. When exposed over time to heat and humidity, these recalled airbags transform from life-saving devices to life-threatening ones that could rupture and send shrapnel through the vehicle in the event of a crash. It’s urgent that every driver in South Florida check their vehicle VIN number to see if their airbag has been recalled. It is free to check and, if you find your vehicle's airbag is on the recall list, it is free to have it repaired.

Local car dealers from all automakers are offering free recall repairs, and many local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealerships are offering extended hours, weekend hours, or gas cards to encourage vehicle owners to have their bags repaired. There are 37 million vehicles on the road that contain a recalled airbag that could cause serious injury or even death if involved in an accident. For more information, and to check your vehicle's airbag status, visit https://www.checktoprotect.org/


Honor a Veteran with a trip of a lifetime


Honor a Veteran with a trip of a lifetime


Honor a Veteran with a trip of a lifetime


Honor a Veteran with a trip of a lifetime



Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum
(and) Military Heritage Museum

Click on info to connect with a museum
(i.e. logo, phone number, address, website or email)


Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum
(and) Military Heritage Museum Military Heritage Museum Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum

The City of Hollywood Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts is working to grow a Community Garden Program, starting with a community garden at Oak Lake Park, 3190 N 56th Avenue in Hollywood. Beginning growers, hobby growers and advanced gardeners are all welcome to participate. Please take a moment tell us about your interest in the proposed Community Garden at Oak Lake Park by taking the survey found here: http://www.hollywoodfl.org/garden

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please call the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts at 954.921.3404.



Honoring Our American Veterans

We Shall Never Forget

Dedicated to Honoring All American Veterans


Honor Flight South Florida Honor Flight South Florida


Our flying season for 2019 is as follows; May 4th, June 8th, September 21st, and October 19, 2019. They all are on Saturdays and departing from Ft. Lauderdale. We looking for volunteers, guardians, donations and veterans from the WWII, Korean and Viet Nam wars.

Our website is http://www.honorflightsouthflorida.org/index.html. Applications for veterans, donations, volunteering, and guardians can be completed online or printed, completed and returned via the mail.

The airplanes that we have chartered are Airbus A321's that will allow us to carry over 100 veterans per flight.




Hollywood Community Garden at Oak Lake Park


Hollywood Community Garden at Oak Lake Park


We are going to have a Virtual Honor Flight in the first quarter of 2019 for those veterans who can not travel or leave their spouses for the day. Date: to be announced...



Hollywood Boulevard Complete Streets Project

Updated: October 10, 2018

> download your copy <


Hollywood Boulevard Complete Streets Project


A1A Construction Update

Effective: Oct 15, 2018

The project is continuing on the anticipated schedule. These are the key updated points:

• The construction is in the final stage of Phase I. There are only 5 blocks left to complete the paver work of Phase I. The tentative switch over date to Phase II is October 29th.

• After the switch over, Phase II will be the same type of work on the west side of A1A with traffic diverted to the eastern lanes of A1A.

• We had a slight impact in September as the A1A street ends are closed for paving. There was slight confusion in regards to traffic flow. This was cleared up and motorists became accustom to the new "parcel" closures.

• Traffic updates as of October 15, 2018 are at the end of full project details


Please see full project details below.


The construction is in the final stage of Phase I. There are only 5 blocks left to complete the paver work of Phase I. The tentative switch over date to Phase II is October 29th.
After the switch over, Phase II will be the same type of work on the west side of A1A with traffic diverted to the eastern lanes of A1A. The traffic pattern will be as it is now, just pushed east. (One NB, one SB, and one center turn lane.) As FPL is making improvements along the same corridor, temporary asphalt will be laid and no pavers. The lack of the pavers means the construction should move faster than on the east side of the roadway. The anticipated end date of Phase II is March 2019. Additionally, all work effecting the bridges were carried out in Phase I and no additional impacts to traffic over the bridges is anticipated.


Work on Phase II is also planned to begin on the south and north ends of A1A simultaneously. This will be done in an effort to minimize the length of time required to complete the project. A priority will be given to the southern stretch from Hollywood Blvd to Johnson Street, where the majority of the local businesses are located. This business area is expected to be completed thru November.


Phase III will be work on the medians along A1A. This Phase is anticipated to last a month. (March 2019 to April 2019) In the area of the median work, traffic will be reduced to one NB and one SB lane. Traffic will be returned to two lanes north and south after the squeeze through the construction zone.


Phase IV will be a final "friction course". This is a final top coat of asphalt along the whole course of A1A and projected to take three weeks to a month.


While the final end date for the project is anticipated to be the spring of 2019, all dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather or unforeseen project demands.


We had a slight impact in September as the A1A street ends are closed for paving. There was slight confusion in regards to traffic flow. This was cleared up and motorists became accustom to the new "parcel" closures.During this paving, the area was separated into 'blocks" and each block was expected to take two days to complete. During this local street end closure, emergency vehicles had access as needed. The contractors placed message boards in the area alerting motorists of the closures and detours.


The anticipated "block end closures" will be Minnesota to Garfield, Connecticut to Taft, and Carolina to Thomas. Traffic attempting to access these streets will be directed to use Surf Road. 


The A1A traffic updates as of October 15 , 2018 are as follows; 


• 776 total personnel hours were assigned for specified traffic enforcement or traffic control, paid through funds provided by the Beach CRA. This does not include extra patrols and enforcement being performed by patrol units assigned to the beach, as well as the beach NTLs.


• Since the inception of Phase I of the project, we have issued 618 uniform traffic citations from Hollywood Blvd to Sheridan Street."



City of Hollywood Working With State and County on Florida Red Tide

The City of Hollywood is working with Broward County, state agencies such as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), and local coastal municipalities in response to Florida Red Tide. FWC has verified the presence of the red tide forming algae, Karenia Brevis (K.Brevis), in coastal waters of Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties at low to moderate concentrations.

While analyses are still pending in Broward County, several recent reports of respiratory discomfort by beach visitors in Broward County, including Hollywood, suggest that the K. Brevis organism is also present in coastal waters of Broward County, likely at similar concentrations.

Broward County, is coordinating with the FWC to perform county-wide water quality monitoring to confirm the presence and concentration of K. Brevis in coastal waters. Results of this sampling, which will include samples from Hollywood Beach will be made public as soon as results are available. If confirmed, this coordination and monitoring will continue until no presence of the algae is detected.

The red tide is produced by the algae Karenia Brevis, naturally occurring in the saline waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This algae is rare on the East Coast as it prefers the calmer waters of the Gulf. However, of the 57 occurrences of red tide in the Gulf of Mexico since 1953, eight of these events have brought the red tide organism to the east coast of Florida via the Loop Current and Gulf Stream. None of these events resulted in large-scale blooms.

There are currently no beach closures within Broward County; however, the City of Hollywood and other local municipalities are proactively posting cautionary signage at the beach informing the public about the potential presence of red tide. Helpful information can also be found on the City’s website at www.hollywoodfl.org.

The FWC advises beachgoers to use their best judgment when visiting a beach impacted by red tide. According to State Health officials, low and moderate concentrations can produce allergy-like symptoms, such as scratchy throat or watery eyes. Individuals with respiratory conditions, such as asthma or COPD, should take measures to reduce exposure.

The area might also expect an increase in local fish kills. Persons who bathe in the ocean should limit bathing and rise off after.

Red tide can last for a few weeks to longer than a year, but is not known to persist on the east coast. Sunlight, nutrients and salinity, all play a role, as well as the speed and direction of wind and water currents. Based on experience, we anticipate that the dynamic conditions of the east coast will serve as a control limiting the presence, persistence, and concentration of the organism in our nearshore waters. 

The National Weather Service is forecasting higher than normal tides, known as King Tides, with tidal elevations of 3 feet or slightly higher during high tide hours from Friday into early next week. This may result in minor street-level flooding on the barrier island and in the Hollywood Lakes community closest to the Intracoastal Waterway.  Seawater containing the K. Brevis organism may be possible in these locations.

For more information on red tide conditions locally and around the state, follow this link to FWC’s website: http://myfwc.com/research/redtide/

To report a fish kill, call FWC’s fish kill hotline: 1-800-636-0511.



ePermit Building Permit Service Now Available


ePermit Building Permit Service Now Available

Save time and avoid the line!

The ePermit Plan Review allows residents, contractors and tradesmen the ability to submit one of over twenty "short review" permits and forms electronically for review. "Short review" permits are considered small projects that can be reviewed quickly. Simply gather required permit documents and mail them to ePermits@hollywoodfl.org. You can monitor the progress online at www.hollywoodfl.org/ePermit and register to receive automatic email notifications when updates take place. You can also pay for your permit online at www.hollywoodfl.org/Permit and the permit will be emailed to you and schedule inspections. For more information on the ePermit Building Permit Service, visit www.hollywoodfl.org/ePermit or call 954.921.3335.


Digital Friday Permit Reviews Available

Digital Friday Permit Reviews Available

The City's Department of Development Services is now conducting ePermit reviews each Friday as part of the Digital Friday Permit Service Program. The fifth day of review services is resulting in a faster turnaround time of ePermits, and in some cases is resulting in permits being issued on the same day as submittal.

To learn more about the Digital Friday Permit Service, please call 954.921.3335 or inquire in person at the second floor lobby, City Hall, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard during normal business hours. To take part in the Digital Friday Service, please email Christina Gordon at cgordon@hollywoodfl.org.



New Generator Rules For ALFs and Nursing Homes

Check Their Compliance Status Daily

The State of Florida now requires all assisted living facilities (ALF) and nursing homes to have an updated emergency power plan and operational generator. These new rules are in an effort to prevent another tragedy like the one following Hurricane Irma. Anyone with a loved one currently residing in an ALF or nursing home are encouraged to visit the Agency for Health Care Administration's (AHCA) Emergency Power Rules website to learn more about the state's new generator and emergency plan requirements.

AHCA also provides daily updates on the emergency power plan compliance status of every ALF and nursing home in the State of Florida. For those who have loved ones as residents, they are encouraged to visit the AHCA website to check their facility’s compliance status. Broward County and listed as “Region 10”. If you see “Not Requested” or “No Submission” listed by your facility, you are encouraged to call them directly to inquire with the management team. For website links and more information please visit: http://www.hollywoodfl.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=553



Emergency Management Registration Ongoing For Floridians with Disabilities

Disasters affect everyone but some, like seniors, people with chronic conditions, the economically disadvantaged, and those with access or functional needs are often disproportionally affected. The Florida Division of Emergency Management has partnered with every local emergency management agency in the state to create a registry so residents with disabilities or access and functional needs can receive assistance during a disaster.

Floridians are encouraged to register today through the Florida Special Needs Registry, found at the following link: https://snr.floridadisaster.org/Signin?ReturnUrl=%2f This statewide registry provides first responders with valuable information to prepare for disasters or other emergencies. Registration is free and confidential. Information provided will only be used in plan for and provide services during a disaster.

For additional preparation tips and other valuable resources, please visit the City's Emergency Management website at www.hollywoodfl.org/hurricane.

  Christopher O'Brien, 
Chief of Police

Christopher O'Brien
Chief of Police Announcement

Hollywood Police Department


Find out about the Downtown Hollywood Improvement Project


Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency


Find out about the Downtown Hollywood Improvement Project

Plans to improve the streetscape along Hollywood Boulevard in Downtown Hollywood and add security enhancements are moving forward. The City Commission, in its role as the Board of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency, has approved a CRA capital improvement project to add poles for closed circuit security cameras, decorative lighting and new palm trees along Hollywood Boulevard. The project calls for 51 new palm trees to replace 13 Copperpod trees located along Hollywood Boulevard. The center canopy consisting of 27 live Oak and Tamarind trees located in the median will remain in place. Decorative, festoon lighting will be added to several sections of the Boulevard. For more information, go to www.HollywoodCRA.org and click on Downtown Streetscape Plan.



Commissioner Traci Callari (District 3)


Proud of them.  
My City Hollywood: I’m Part of It, I’m Proud of It
Traci Callari, Vice Mayor / Commissioner District 3

The Youth Ambassador Program in the City of Hollywood consists of a group of 11 diverse members from different high schools. Members are partnered with government officials who serve as mentors to inform us about how local government functions and to inspire us to create change in our community. Working as liaisons between local schools, city government, and the Hollywood Police Department, we are committed to sharing our insights from the youth perspective on our community issues. For example, we recently produced a public service announcement on teen drinking and driving that was promoted throughout all of our high schools to create awareness of the dangers drinking and driving in our community. Coupled with our social media campaign, #DropTheCup, and our partnership with the Meagan Napier Foundation, our program was able to encourage peers to act responsibly during prom season. In an effort to cultivate a community of young leaders, our program will continue to use our talents to create additional outreach projects in the future.


It is no coincidence that the City of Hollywood is admired as the Diamond of the Gold Coast. Boasting our interconnected diversity, Hollywood is not only known for its beautiful beaches and weather, but for its unquestionable willingness to provide aid to others. With over 146,000 residents, we are proud to engage in a community that embraces good citizenry and moral values to help those in need. From these values, the concept of our public service announcement was created to acknowledge the unity of the citizens of Hollywood before and after Hurricane Irma. Our video highlights the importance of a government that encourages collaboration across multiple departments. During a time when resources were put to the test, Hurricane Irma strengthened our city’s resilience during recovery efforts. As a result, our video helps showcase the vital and necessary work our government officials do to ensure the safety of all of our residents. Although our government officials did amazing work during Hurricane Irma recovery, it could not have been achieved without the help of our local neighbors and youth involvement. Many of our Hollywood neighbors contributed to distributing supplies and clearing the roads of debris. The filming of this public service announcement serves as a reminder that lending a helping hand to a neighbor is what the city of Hollywood is all about.

We plan to promote our video in multiple ways such as social media promotion and school advertisements. The public service announcement will also be posted to the City and Hollywood Police Department Twitter accounts: @cohgov and @HollywoodFLPD as well as their Facebook accounts: @CityOfHollywoodFL and @HollywoodFLPoliceDepartment. By the entire team hashtagging #FloridaCityWeek, we believe we can target citizens to promote civic engagement, generate positive feedback and reach a wide audience with our positive message. The public service announcement will also be broadcast on the City’s Government Access Channel and included in the City’s weekly “Notify Me” email message and quarterly magazine New Horizons. In order to engage the youth, we also plan to show the public service announcement during school announcements and assemblies to create a network of peers that can share the message in order to maximize efficiency and reach of the public service announcement. Although our target audience is the residents of Hollywood, we hope this video will be shared to serve as an example of how Hollywood is a model for others to follow.

Our winning public service announcement award money will be used to create a public art display. As a tribute to Florida City Government Week, the public art display will serve as a permanent, public recognition of the appreciation for those who serve for the benefit of all. We believe this public art display will be the best way to support our message because it will be for all to enjoy forever more and serve as a beautiful reminder of the benefits that come when we work together and create lasting partnerships. It is important that we recognize and celebrate Florida City Government Week because through this public art display we will continue to encourage everyone, including our youth, to engage in their local government. We feel it is imperative to not take for granted the amazing work government officials do daily to ensure our city runs as smoothly and safely as possible. We love our Hollywood, we are a part of it, and we are proud to share this public service announcement with our community.

 It takes a village, and we seem to have a great one. 



  Get Your Residential Parking Rate  

New Beach Parking Rates Go Into Effect Today (May 1, 2017)
Register Now to Get the Resident Rate

New Parking Rates for Hollywood Beach Go Into Effect May 1st

Free Registration Going On Now For Resident Rate

To keep beach parking affordable for Hollywood residents, the City of Hollywood is offering a resident parking rate. Hollywood residents must register their vehicle(s) annually with the City’s Parking Division to enjoy an hourly parking rate of $1.50 per hour Monday through Thursday and $2.00 per hour Friday through Sunday and on holidays. This rate is 50% less than the new non-resident rate of $3.00 per hour Monday through Thursday and $4.00 per hour Friday through Sunday and on holidays which will go into effect May 1, 2017.

Registration is free and can be done in-person or online. Once registered, you will be given a “resident rate code” for use at City-operated multi-space master meter parking spots on Hollywood Beach. The following documents are required to register:

• Drivers license

• Vehicle registration

• One of the following: lease agreement, utility bill, voter ID card or tax bill with current Hollywood address

To Register Online:

Visit the Parking Portal at www.hollywoodfl.org/residentrate. Select “Get Permits” then login or sign up for a customer account. The “Purchase a Permit” page will come up describing all of the different permit options available in the City of Hollywood. Select “Next,” then under the subclassification dropdown menu select "Hollywood Resident Meter Rate.” To avoid being charged a fee, you must select “Hollywood Resident Meter Rate.” Do not choose “Hollywood Resident.” Enter your information then select “Next.” Finally, upload scanned images or photos of the required documents. You will receive an email confirmation after successfully completing the registration process. Please allow up to 24 hours or the next business day for processing your registration.

To Register In-person:

Bring copies of the required documents to the Parking office located at 2600 Hollywood Boulevard in the City Hall West Annex Building.

Current Parkmobile Application Users

If you are already a Parkmobile user, you will still need to register your vehicle(s) with the City to automatically receive the resident rate when you use the Parkmobile App. Be sure to use the same phone number when you register with the City and allow up to 20 days processing time.

New Parkmobile Application Users

Once you have registered your vehicle(s) with the City and you have your resident rate code, you can then sign up with the Parkmobile Application to receive the resident parking rate. To sign up, visit http://us.parkmobile.com or call the toll-free number 877.727.5714. Be sure to use the same phone number and allow up to 20 days of processing time.

Additional Information

• Please allow up to 24-hours/next business day for resident rate processing and up to 20 days for Parkmobile Application processing

• At single-space parking meters, the resident rate can only be applied when using the Parkmobile Application

• Resident rate code is not valid in private garages, lots or meters

Don’t wait; get your free resident rate code today! Log on today, www.hollywoodfl.org/residentrate or visit the City of Hollywood’s Parking Office, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard in the West Annex Building.


  Hollywood City Hall: Expanded Services Hours  


New Rewards for Recycling Program set to Begin in Hollywood

On September 19, 2016 the City of Hollywood will launch a new recycling rewards program to encourage City of Hollywood sanitation customers to recycle. Customers are encouraged to register for a rewards account with Recycling Perks by visiting www.recyclingperks.com. Customers who do not have access to a computer are encouraged to call the Recycling Perks Customer Service number at 1.855.813.2154.

Use Promotional Codes to Earn Bonus Rewards Points
• By registering your account you will automatically receive 100 reward points.

• Enter promotional code RBHOL by October 19, 2016 to receive 500 bonus points. A gift from Recycling Perks to you for your participation in the previous recycling rewards program.

• Enter promotional code HOLLYWOODFL to receive an additional 100 bonus points!

That's 700 reward points simply for registering your account! Customers who also encourage their neighbors to sign up will earn additional reward points for each referral.

Earn up to $25 in Rewards Each Month
Once a customer is registered, on a normal recycling collection day when a customer’s cart is picked up at the curb or in the alley, their account will automatically receive 25 points for their recycling efforts. Simply by rolling their recycling cart out for collection each week, registered Recycling Perks participants will earn 25 points a week and up to 100 points each month. Those points equal up to $25 in discounts a month and $300 in discounts each year.

Customers can log onto www.recyclingperks.com to redeem points for coupons, discounts and special deals with local vendors, retailers, restaurants, grocers and more. Customers who do not have access to a computer may call the Recycling Perks Customer Service number at 1.855.813.2154.

Win an iPad mini 4!
Hollywood residents who register an account with Recycling Perks by December 31, 2016 will automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad mini 4 from Recycling Perks.

In 2010 Hollywood became the first city in Broward County to offer a rewards-for-recycling program. In 2015, recycling became mandatory for all sanitation customers in the City of Hollywood. The goal of the Recycling Perks rewards program partnership is to continue to increase recycling throughout the City. “We are excited to reward residents for their recycling efforts, and to support the local businesses in Hollywood,” says Bill Dempsey, President of Recycling Perks.

Make a Difference in the Community
In addition, Recycling Perks will be extending an invitation to local schools, neighborhood and civic associations and local non-profit organizations to build community partnerships. A local Hollywood based, Recycling Perks representative will be available to make presentations and to encourage participation in their “Give Back Campaigns.”

For more information on the Recycling Perks program and recycling efforts underway in the City of Hollywood please call Rachel Savain, Recycling Coordinator at 954.967.4320.

historic coral rock house
New 6-acre park opens June 17 between Taft and Sheridan
David Volz
Reporter at Hollywood Gazette

As part of the redevelopment project called Sheridan Stationside Village happening in the area east of Interstate 95 between Taft Street and Sheridan Street, the City of Hollywood has gained a new 6 acre community park.  Once a trailer park, this new recreational area features a distinctive oak hammock and a historic coral rock house.


A dedication and grand opening for the Charles F. Vollman Park at 2933 Taft Street will be held on Friday, June 17, 2016 at 9 a.m. All are invited to attend. It includes a total of six acres of which there are four acres that are usable.

The remaining two acres are for retention and detention, according to Chuck Ellis, director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts. It is considered a passive park with benches, drinking fountain, waste receptacles, bike racks, light poles and a concrete circuitous path.


The developer contributed $50,000 to toward the remodeling of the rock house at a later phase. “We will use this building for a grant match and to assess what exactly the building will require to refurbish it,” said Ellis. The family of community activist Charles F. Vollman is expected to attend the ceremony.


Get onto the Do Not Call Registry

The FTC initiative involves providing telecommunications companies and other industry partners with known
robocallers’ telephone numbers every day to bolster efforts to reduce and prevent the computer- dialed calls.

The FTC collects scammers’ telephone numbers from consumer complaints to the Do Not Call Registry, either online or by telephone. The more consumers report the numbers, the faster it can develop its blacklist database.

More consumers file complaints with the FTC about robocalls than any other issue. In the first five months of 2017, the FTC said it received 1.9 million complaints.

‘There are few issues that anger consumers as much as these unwanted calls,’ said Connecticut BBB spokesman Howard Schwartz. ‘Robocalls are more than irritating. They are also at the heart of a huge percentage of attempts to deceive consumers into disclosing personal and financial information.’

At the moment, blacklisting robocall telephone numbers is the most effective method of blocking them, as researchers continue their work on new technology to stop them.

Connecticut BBB offers some tips to help you reduce the frequency of unwanted calls:

Get onto the Do Not Call Registry. You can help populate the FTC robocall initiative database by calling 888-382-1222, or registering online at https://donotcall.gov/. You will receive fewer marketing calls and make it easier to identify the fraudulent ones.

Don’t press any digits on your keypad. Ignore recorded prompts to press digits on your telephone keypad to be taken off their calling list. If you press any keys, it tells the scammers you have an active number. Your number will then be sold to other telemarketers and the frequency of calls will increase.

Beware of corporate ID fraud. Callers may use the name of a legitimate company to lend credibility to their pitches. Hang up, and if it differs from the number of the legitimate company, report the number to the Do Not Call Registry.

Watch out for ‘bait and switch.’ Some callers will ask something such as ‘Is Jane there?’ When you tell them they have the wrong number, they change the subject and may ask a question such as ‘While you’re on the phone, have you thought about installing new carpets in your home?’

Don’t pick up the phone. If you don’t know the incoming number, let it ring. If the call goes to voicemail you may be able to discern what sort of call it is.



Broward County Florida Library

Sunday Hours have returned!
Broward County’s Stirling Road Library has restored its Sunday hours. The new hours are as follows:

Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: noon to 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday: Closed

A special celebration of the new hours is in the planning stages for this Fall. The library is located at 3151 Stirling Road. For additional information please call Hannah Handler Hostyk at 305.865.6700.



FREE Things To Do In Hollywood

Hollywood's home to 40 Parks and 11 Community Centers that offer an array of activities! Have you been to the Hollywood West Skate Park? It features a 120” X 90” skate area, a half-pipe, rails and steps along with picnic benches for skaters to ride!


The Hollywood Police Athletic League has year round activities going on. They’re located at 2311 North 23rd Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33020. Give them a call at 954-921-3401.


For a more relaxed activity visit Holland Park at 801 Johnson Street, Hollywood, Florida 33019. Launch a boat or cruise on the bike path; take a stroll along the nature trail and try to identify all the birds and butterflies or climb the waterfront observation tower!


Visit the Naval Air Station Museum at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. It’s the only military museum in Broward County. Displays include vintage aircraft and ship models, insignias, flags, WWII instruments, uniforms and memorabilia. Call to reserve you tour 754-300-9259.


Train to Trolley Downtown Hollywood Shuttle Service