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National Weather Service and Broward County

Please review this vital preparedness information to help keep you, your family and neighbors safe, and to limit the devastation that these storms inflict on our lives and property:

Important resources:

Broward County residents:



Stay informed about what's happening in the City of Hollywood

by registering for the CodeRED and NotifyMe alert systems!


CodeRED is a state-of-the-art messaging system that can be used to alert residents about weather emergencies, evacuation orders, serious police emergencies, gas leaks, boil water orders, and other situations that require immediate protective actions. Hundreds of local governments across the United States rely on the CodeRED system to keep their residents and business owners informed.


NotifyMe sends an email or text message to subscribers to keep them informed about everything from special events to important meetings and emergencies in the City of Hollywood. Both NotifyMe and CodeRED are free to subscribers, though standard text message rates may apply.


You can register for CodeRED by visiting the hurricane preparedness section under Hot Items on the City home page or by visiting http://www.hollywoodfl.org/725/CodeRED or https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/FA01FBCAEECA.


You can register for NotifyMe by click on the NotifyMe button on the lower left section of the City home page. The City of Hollywood also encourages residents to become involved in their respective civic association. Civic associations are a great way to learn about any issues that affect Hollywood residents.

Simply click on the CodeRED logo (above) and follow the instructions on the CodeRED registration page to register your phone number, e-mail address or text pager number to receive CodeRED alerts.

City of Hollywood

2019 Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide

City of Hollywood: 2019 Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide 2019 Atlantica Hurricane Season Names



A Guide For Your Family and Home


We’re prepared for storm season and urge our customers to prepare as well. Keep your family safe with a plan that includes evacuation routes, special medical needs, important phone numbers and supplies. Here’s a guide to help you and your family get started.

For more storm and safety tips, visit us at FPL.com/storm.
We hope you find this guide helpful as you prepare for a major storm. Please keep in mind it is not intended to be all-inclusive.



Hurricane Season - It's Time To Get Ready!

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st and researchers are predicting this season could be another above average season with more storms and more severe storms. 

Now is the time to sit down with your family to make a plan.  Review your property insurance policies and determine what essentials (such as water, medicines, etc.) you will need in your hurricane supply kit.  Decide where you will go if you need to evacuate, and how you will stay in contact with loved ones before, during and after the storm.

Before, during and after a storm important information will be posted on the City’s website at www.hollywoodfl.org, shared via CodeRED Alerts, through NotifyMe “News and Announcements” email and text messages and on the City’s social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. Receive the latest emergency updates and information by signing up today. Bookmark, follow, like and subscribe to be in the know! 

Website: www.hollywoodfl.org
Emergency Website: http://www.hollywoodfl.org/742/Emergency-Management 
Twitter: @cohgov 
Facebook: @CityOfHollywoodFL 
YouTube: hollywoodflch78 
LinkedIn: City of Hollywood 
CodeRED: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/FA01FBCAEECA

Spring is the perfect time to trim trees and landscaping and remove unwanted debris. Look up before you begin pruning and avoid trimming near power lines. Hollywood residents may drop-off materials, free of charge, at any of the three Residential Trash Transfer Stations in Broward County. Drop-Off Centers are open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In the event of an emergency, these locations may offer extended hours to accommodate additional debris. Be sure to call 954.765.4999 for the latest Drop-Off Center information and hours of operation.  

• South Drop-Off Center – 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Boulevard, West Park, FL
• Central Drop-Off Center – 5490 Reese Road, Davie, FL
• North Drop-Off Center – 2780 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL

When winds greater than 35 mph are forecast to occur in the City of Hollywood within the next two days, residents should plan for sanitation services to be suspended. For example: if the City learns on a Wednesday that winds are forecast to be greater than 35 mph on Friday, notice will be given on Wednesday that sanitation services will be suspended on Friday. Services will remain suspended until winds fall below the 35 mph threshold. This is for the safety and security of collection crews operating high-profile collection vehicles. Residents should not place items out for collection until notice is given that service has resumed. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a code violation and possible fines. 

After a storm passes and as soon as it is safe, recovery efforts will begin. City of Hollywood contractors are focused on clearing primary corridors and access to critical infrastructure and facilities, then secondary roadways, neighborhood streets and then alleyways. Garbage (solid waste) collections will resume first and will likely be on a modified schedule. This will be followed by the return of recycling services and commingled collections as conditions allow. Finally, as recovery progresses, the City will return to the normal collection schedule. Your patience is needed during all phases of the recovery effort. You can help speed the process by following these guidelines in the event of an emergency:

• All Garbage (Solid Waste) services will take place curbside at the front of a property. 
• All alleyways must be kept clear to allow for power crews who will be working to restore power. Debris placed in alleyways may interfere or delay power restoration.  
• No alley collections will take place until every alley in the City has been inspected for damage, cleared of debris and  downed power lines, and deemed safe for collection vehicles.  
• All hurricane debris must be placed curbside. Debris must be placed away from trees, vehicles, power lines, utility poles, mailboxes or other items that would otherwise restrict collection. 
• Tree and vegetative debris must be separated from regular garbage, household debris, bulky items and hard junk.
• Property owners who don't want to wait for City debris contractors to clear downed swale trees, should work with their insurance company and contact a licensed tree removal company. The City's debris contractors will not remove trees on private property or swale trees that have damaged private property including homes and cars.
• Residents in gated communities who receive solid waste services should contact their Homeowners Association or Property Management Company for specific instructions for their community.

Learn more about how you can prepare for this hurricane season at http://www.hollywoodfl.org/742/Emergency-Management.

Hurricane Season Preparedness
Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

A hurricane can cause major headaches for you and your family - power outages, long lines at gasoline stations and supermarkets, limited medical supplies, not being able to stay informed, etc. The best way to minimize these and many other problems is to be prepared. Don't wait until a hurricane threatens our region to think about what you need to safeguard you and your family. Sit down with your family and make a plan to determine essentials such as how much water your family needs, where you will go if you need to evacuate before a storm hits and how you will stay in contact with loved ones.

Some important points to consider when preparing your hurricane plan and gathering supplies:

  • Self Sufficiency: Plan on being self sufficient for at least three days after a hurricane hits your area. Emergency crews and government agencies will likely be tending to the hardest hit areas, so you should not rely on their assistance immediately following a storm.
  • Evacuations: Do you live in an evacuation zone? If so, do you know where you will go if an evacuation order is issued for your area? Only go as far as you need to get to a safe location. Leaving the county and driving long distances is not advisable. A storm may change direction at any time, and debris scattered by a storm may make returning extremely difficult.
  • Emergency Contacts: Establish reliable emergency contacts inside and outside our region to ensure that your loved ones know the status of you and your family.
  • Going to a hurricane evacuation shelter should be considered a last resort. They can get full and do not have the comforts of a friend's or relative's home.
  • Special Medical Needs: Have a relative with special medical needs? Be sure to make appropriate arrangements for them. You also can register them for accommodation at a Special Medical Needs Shelter. To request or obtain an application for a Special Needs Shelter and/or Paratransit evacuation transportation, including applications in alternative formats, call Broward County Human Services at 954.357.6385 (TTY 954.357.5608).
  • Pets: Don't forget your pets! Make sure you have enough food and water for them and you keep them indoors with you during a storm. If you have to evacuate and would like to inquire about placing your pet in a pet-friendly shelter, please call the Humane Society of Broward County at 954.989.3977.

Broward County Emergency Management Hurricane Hotline

Have a question about government services before, during and after a hurricane? Call the Broward County Emergency Management Hurricane Hotline at 954.831.4000 or by dialing 311.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) Storm Readiness Information

Power outages are common during a hurricane. FPL offers a comprehensive storm plan that focuses on readiness, restoration and recovery to respond safely and quickly to electrical infrastructure damaged by a tropical storm or hurricane. Visit https://www.fpl.com/storm/home/prepare.html to learn more about FPL's storm readiness and what you can do to be prepared.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency - 911
Hollywood Police Department non-emergency - 954.967.4357
Hollywood Department of Public Utilities - 954.967.4455
Broward American Red Cross - 954.797.3800
Broward County Emergency Management Hurricane Hotline - 954.831.4000 or 3-1-1
Broward County Special Needs Registry - 954.357.6385 / TTY 954.357.5608
Humane Society of Broward County Pet Hotline - 954.989.3977
FEMA Hotline - 800.621.3362
State Attorney General's Office Price Gouging Hotline - 866.966.7226
Florida Division of Insurance Consumer Hotline - 800.342.2762
AT&T / Bellsouth, Repairs - 877.737.2478
Florida Power & Light - 800.468.8243

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

To assist you further in obtaining important information about emergency and disaster preparedness, please visit http://www.broward.org/Emergency/Pages/Default.aspx or contact the Broward County 3-1-1 Call Center:


Broward County Alerts
Residents in Broward County who participate in the program can receive eNews from Broward County regarding Broward County Emergency Updates. To register for Broward County Alerts, please visit: https://access.broward.org/Login.aspx?c=1
Or contact the Broward County 3-1-1 Call Center


Shelter Registration
American Red Cross General Population Shelters provide a basic level of care and are open to all. Registration is not required. However, preregistration is encouraged for the Special Medical Needs Shelter. Call Broward County Human Services Department at 954-357-6385 (TTY 954-357-5608). If you preregister, you are not obligated to go to the shelter in an emergency.


Vulnerable Population Registry
Residents who are disabled, frail or have health issues should register in advance with the Vulnerable Population Registry. The Registry is not a guarantee of services, but enables emergency workers to better respond in a recovery effort. Visit http://www.broward.org/registry/Pages/default.aspx, or call 3-1-1 or 954-831-4000.


Pet-Friendly Shelter Registration
The Humane Society of Broward County and the American Red Cross operate this shelter for those with pets in evacuation zones. Call 954-989-3977, and press 6, or visit humanebroward.com. Pre-registration is required.


Broward County Hurricane Updates (Social Media)
Get the latest public safety information before, during and after a storm or other emergency: follow us on Twitter @ReadyBroward, "like us" on Facebook.com/BrowardEMD or subscribe to Broward Emergency Email Updates at http://www.broward.org/hurricane/Pages/Default.aspx.


Mosquito-Borne and Other Insect-Borne Diseases
Zika mosquito flyer
Zika mosquito flyer
Repellents: Protection against Mosquitoes, Ticks and Other Arthropods


The Yellow Dot Program



The Yellow Dot program is designed to assist Broward County residents and first responders in the event of an automobile crash or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle. The program can help save lives during the critical moments after an accident by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves. 


A Yellow Dot decal displayed on your car's rear windshield or in a clearly visible location on your motorcycle alerts emergency responders to look for the Yellow Dot pamphlet in your car’s glove compartment or a compartment attached to your motorcycle. The information you provide on the pamphlet may help emergency responders decide how to treat you if you are unable to communicate effectively following an accident.​​ Enrollment in the program is completely voluntary, quick and easy!​