A message from our friends at Park East Civic Association regarding Orangebrook

If you are a resident of Hollywood who is NOT in favor of residential developments on our Parks and Recreation land, specifically high-density housing on Orangebrook Golf Course, please take this opportunity to let the City Commissioners know that you oppose the awarding of any contract for the renovation of Orangebrook that includes this type of development.

The General Obligation Bond (GOB) language as approved by Hollywood voters in 2019 did NOT include housing on Orangebrook.

Please act now! On March 1st the City Commission will select a developer for the renovation of Orangebrook Golf Course. Send your emailed message ASAP in order to have a positive impact on the future of Orangebrook. Include your name and Hollywood address with your firm statement of opposition to this type of land use change for City property that was always intended only for recreation.

Send to: mayor-commissioners@hollywoodfl.org
with a “cc” to: saveorangebrook@gmail.com

Thank you for your support.

Claire Garrett, Program Director, Park East Civic Association
Tom Lander, President, Park East Civic Association

Sign the petition!

Everyone who cares about the future of this historic golf course is concerned that the City will include over-development as part of the golf course renovation.

We are opposed to any renovation proposal that includes high density housing. Orangebrook is Hollywood’s Treasure that should be preserved for future generations as a World Class Golf Course and green space. High density housing belongs elsewhere – NOT ON ORANGEBROOK GOLF COURSE !!!

CLAIRE GARRETT Program Director, Park East Civic Association

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