Although this newsletter issue will arrive during our Easter/Passover Spring break, we have just come off of our winter holiday break. Many people may think we were on vacation, but what it really means is that 2 commission meetings have been cancelled. For winter break that means the second one in December and the first one of January. Does this mean we are not working? Absolutely not! During this break time we each have had individual meetings concerning issues on which we needed to be briefed.
We met with Parks and Rec concerning the new dock leases and to discuss all the new playground equipment needed for all parks included in the GOB. We had meetings scheduled to discuss the new redistricting of the city. This will affect whether your commissioner is moved to another area or not. We Had a workshop concerning the sustainability for our Seawalls to protect the city from tidal flooding. We had virtual meetings concerning the Hollywood Beach Golf Course Clubhouse. As to how large it will be what the architecture will be and where on the property it will be located. Another GOB item we thoroughly discussed regarding the new Police Headquarters and it’s layout. Then there were meetings concerning major corridors such as US-1, Dixie Hwy. and AlA . The Sheridan St. Bridge Rehab project was also another item on which we needed to be informed. We each also had meetings to be re-introduced to the leadership of the Boys and Girls Club. Next we individually had an introduction to the Orangebrook P3 process. By the time you receive this article we will have had an in person workshop to determine which of the 6 proposals will move forward. On January 19th we had our first commission meeting for 2022. That brings us up to date for this article and more will come in May. As always I am available 24 hrs. a day at

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