Mel Pollak College Scholarship Awards

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The 2022 Scholarship Winners

Mia Rodriguez – Chaminade-Madonna

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Daniel Gomez – South Broward High School

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Mia Levine – Hollywood Hills High School

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The 2021 Scholarship Winners

The 2020 Scholarship Winners

The 2019 Scholarship Winners

Kayla Vergara – Chaminade-Madonna

Hi my name is Kayla Vergara I am a senior at Chaminade Madonna and am planning to graduate on May 30th of 2019. I plan to attend either Nova Southeastern University or Ave Maria University. I would like to earn a Doctorates degree in physical therapy and specialize in
sports injuries. I currently maintain a 4.62 GPA and take all honors and AP course classes. I have received over 500 service hours over the past four years by helping with school functions, athletic games, and religious services with my parish. Every Saturday morning I go to the abortion clinic near my house and pray the rosary with my parish to end abortion, I have also volunteered at multiple fundraisers in support of the pro-life movement. I am the student body Vice President of my school and have had student government positions all four years of high school. I am secretary of two clubs on campus and am part of multiple honor societies including
Tri-M, science honor society, English honor society, and Spanish honor society. One of my passions here at Chaminade has been playing basketball which I have done for 4 years. I have been captain and co captain since freshman year, and I also briefly played soccer and volleyball for my first two years at school.

Bruno Dede – South Broward High School

I have spent my whole life in Hollywood, Florida alongside my parents, my younger brother and my younger sister. When I entered high school, it was a different experience, as I had to make all new friends all while taking AICE and AP courses that were much more difficult than any courses I had taken previously. In addition to these new rigorous classes, I had also engaged in numerous extracurricular activities.
Starting freshman year, I began to swim at South Broward on the Swim Team, and I even began to play water polo. Entering high school, I was out of shape, and my coach said if I ever wanted to play water polo competitively, I needed to go on a diet and lose weight. For six months, I
played water polo five times a week and had an extremely strict no carbs and no dairy diet, losing 55 pounds of body weight in the process. I continued my career in to water polo, playing on the South Broward Water Polo Team for all four years of high school, and I even played on the South Florida Water Polo Club Team during the summers.
In addition to the sports I took part in, I also was inducted into National Honor Society and Math Honor Society. Math Honor Society provided me with my first experience in a leadership role, as I was Treasurer for the club one year, and Historian for the club during another year. In National Honor Society, I began a volunteering partnership with Memorial Regional Hospital. The volunteering partnership included members of the club making Valentine’s Cards for parents of
children who were born prematurely. The cards were signed as if the child wrote it to his or her parents. The cards gave parents in the hospital support as they went through difficult and emotional times.

Maricielo Nunez – Hollywood Hills High School

I have been asked to write this letter of reference for Maricielo Nunez, a young
woman with whom I have had an association for four years in my role as Teacher. It is my pleasure to grant her request for this letter.
My experience with Maricielo has been more than positive. She has demonstrated a unique ability to transcend what is merely required of her in order to make herself and those around her exceed expectations. Not only does she rise to the challenges confronting her, but she does so with enthusiasm, a sense of duty, and an unwillingness to be satisfied with anything less than the best from herself. She has fun doing it too!
Maricielo has certainly achieved both academic and extracurricular success. In just 3 years in the United States, she has maintained a high GPA of 3.7, top 14% of her class, scored a 5 on her AP Spanish Language Test, and started her Dual Enrollment with Broward College the summer before her senior year began.
While maintaining her high academic status, she has also participated in school
activities such as being on the girls’ volleyball team and becoming team captain and MVP of her 2017-2018 season. She also was a member of Spanish Honors Society, Vice President of the National Honors Society, member of Student Government Association, Latinos In Action, Key Club, and Big Brother and Big Sisters.

Maricielo has also earned more than 196 service hours by volunteering with Latinos in Action, Big Brother Big Sisters,
Button and Bows Daycare, several marathons, and much more.
What sets Maricielo apart is her desire to be more than a mere student. She excels
in projects, helps those in need and asks to help me when needed. She doesn’t just get the grades, she motivates others while doing it with a smile her face. It is this
combination of balance and boundless effort that makes it easy for me to see nothing but a bright and successful future for this impressive student and young woman. She is well trusted among her peers. From meeting deadlines to motivating and helping others
to meet theirs, Maricielo is an overall great person and I see nothing but great things in her future.