Broward County Transportation Surtax Rehabilitation and Maintenance (R&M) Projects Set to Begin in Hollywood

Multiple paving and resurfacing roadway projects are underway in the City and will continue for 7-8 months,. Planned roadway construction will include:

– Pavement Milling

– Repaving

– Drainage Repairs

– New Sidewalk Installations

– ADA Cross Ramp Installations (where needed)

– Pavement Restriping

Roadway construction is set to take place at the following locations:

– North 58th Avenue between Johnson Street and Sheridan Street

– Liberty Street between North Park Road (N. 33rd. Avenue) and N. 31st Avenue

– North Park Road from Sheridan Street to Oak Drive

– North 26th Avenue from Taft Street to Sheridan Street

– West Park Road from North Park Road to North 40th Avenue

– Raleigh Street from North Park Road to North 38th Avenue

– Sarazen Drive from North 35th Street to North 46th Avenue

Prior to construction, a notice with additional information regarding the project will be distributed to property owners within the affected area.

Funding for these roadway improvement projects is provided by the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) “Penny for Transportation” Surtax Funds. Learn more about MAP, the advisory board and more at the dedicated website here.

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